Payroll lost to injuries, 2010

Mickey Mantle has a fascinating post today about salary lost in the 2010 season to players on the DL; the New York Mets led the way with 18.4% of their 2010 payroll, or $24.7 million, spent on players while they were on the DL. The Mets’ brutal 2009 season saw players spending a total of 1,451 days on the DL. For small market teams, one marquee player on the DL can eat up a lot of money. This is what happened to Minnesota when ace reliever Joe Nathan went down in 2010.

The Yankees had their share of problems this year as well. In May 2010, the Yankees had six injured players with four on the DL. The Yankees depth kept them of course in the playoff race all season, a strength which the Mets simply did not have.

Does this mean that the Mets are simply unlucky and just one healthy season away from the playoffs ?


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